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Arm Strength + Arm Care Pitching Program

Transform Your Game WIth Our 12-Week Program, Featuring Alex Wimmers!

Knocksville Training Academy

Knocksville Training Academy (KTA) is a year-round training academy designed to accelerate and maximize player development. With a focus on expert-level instruction, all KTA programming is developed and led by the KTA Leadership Team: Alex Wimmers, Garrett Heard, Rodney Gardner, Tyler Cook, Gary Gates, and Nick Hanslik.

In addition to focusing on all-aspect fundamental development, KTA curriculum will specialize in strength & conditioning, speed & agility, arm care, velocity, and power.


Arm Strength + Arm Care Pitching Program

KTA presents a 12-week intensive program designed to redefine athletic prowess on the mound. Starting the week of October 23 to January 22, participants engage in invigorating 1-hour training sessions twice a week with three comprehensive evaluations strategically placed at the beginning, middle, and end. The program cultivates elite arm strength through meticulously crafted workouts and provides each player their own training equipment – Jager Bands, weighted ball set, set of small weights, and a blender bottle protein shaker.

Tailored weekly workouts and arm strength plans ensure personalized growth, while complimentary access to Knocksville Academy Strength and Conditioning drop-ins amplifies the program’s value. Elevate your game with the elite arm program, fostering not only physical gains but a strategic mindset, unlocking untapped potential, and instilling the confidence to conquer game-day challenges. Spots are limited and will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

Featuring Alex Wimmers

Major League Pitcher – Minnesota Twins
2010 1st Round Draft Pick
9 Years of Professional Baseball Experience
College Baseball Hall of Fame
National College Pitcher of the Year


12-Week Program

  • Price: $60 per session
  • Training: 2 sessions per week (24 total)*
  • Dates: October 23 – January 22
  • Ages: 12-18

*Monthly Payment Plan: $360/month (October-January)


Player Receives

  • Jager bands
  • Weighted ball set
  • Set of small weights
  • Blender bottle protein shaker
  • KTA membership and t-shirt

Training Includes

  • 2 one-hour sessions per week
  • 3 evaluations throughout program tracking progress
  • Custom weekly workouts and arm strength plans
  • KTA strength and conditioning drop-ins

Program Benefits

  • Improved mechanics and timing
  • Enhanced flexibility, strength, and mobility
  • Understanding of proper arm warm-up and recovery
  • Mental toughness to conquer game-day challenges
  • Increased confidence from unlocked potential


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Registration and Refund Policy

Once payment is processed there are no refunds for cancelled players or no-shows.

Event Waiver Agreement

As parent/guardian, I hereby grant permission for the above to participate in Knocksville Leagues. I acknowledge the fact that she is physically able to participate in league activities. I hereby release the league and its employees from all claims from injuries or illness which may be sustained by the above and authorize treatment in an emergency basis in the event such treatment becomes necessary while participating in the league. I also grant permission to Knocksville to photograph the above for future advertisement of their leagues.

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